Group Profile

Founded in Shenzhen in October 2001, hqshuke Group has grown into a national high-tech enterprise based on digital technology, with the core of industrial digital intelligence operation and the mission of empowering a better life through technological innovation. In September 2021, the Group was selected as one of the third batch of national "small giant" enterprises.

Over the past more than 20 years, based on its deep understanding of the industry and insight into the development trend of digital economy, the Group has built a microkernel-based distributed cloud service architecture for all scenarios, which is widely used in the fields of destination public service platform, emergency command cloud platform integrating satellite communication, ecological monitoring and disaster warning platform and business intelligence, etc. At the same time, relying on the highly available flexible architecture and hot-swappable component engine, it can build configurable and self-configuring cloud services for different The Group also relies on its highly available flexible architecture and hot-swappable component engine to quickly build configurable and adaptive industry cloud service platforms for different industry customers.

In terms of research and development, the Group attaches great importance to investment in research and development, and has established and perfected an independent and controllable technology system while completing the accumulation of core technologies to ensure the sustainable development of the Group. At present, the Group has applied for more than 100 invention patents and declared more than 200 independent intellectual property rights. By the end of November 2022, 110 patents for cloud service applications, 23 core blockchain patents and 15 patents related to digital payment and transaction settlement had been granted, and the first "meta-universe" invention patent in the field of digital assets had been obtained, and the transformation of technological achievements was increasing year by year. At the same time, the Group has also passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, intellectual property management system certification and cloud service information security management system certification and other qualifications.

In terms of operation, the Group has led the construction and operation of several destination public service platforms, providing destination cloud services for over 20 authorities, 30 3A/4A/5A scenic spots and more than 10 million tourists; the Group's self-developed emergency cloud and ecological cloud, which integrate satellite communications, have provided services for dozens of industry users; the Smart City Cloud, Digital Gold Cloud, Blockchain Application, and the Yuan Universe Application Platform, which integrate digital technologies such as big data and blockchain, have accelerated the implementation of multiple scenarios. The meta-universe application platform has accelerated the implementation of multiple scenarios, with remarkable results in technology empowerment.

Looking ahead, the Group will continue to adhere to technological innovation to become the leader in digital intelligence + cloud services in the industry and drive the digitalisation process of Chinese industries. 

Business layout

Industry Cloud

Smart Culture & Tourism

Digital Scenic Area

Smart Marketing

Intelligent regulation

Smart City

Smart Communities

Intelligent Transport

City Safety Emergency

Smart Ecology

Ecological monitoring



Forest fire prevention

Integrated use of cloud services, IoT, big data, blockchain, AI, BIM and other digital technologies to empower industrial development and in-depth layout of industry solutions in 3 major areas. 

Shujin Cloud

Trade settlement

Aggregate Payments

Cross border payments

It integrates mainstream payment methods and blockchain technology, and is suitable for a wide range of payment scenarios, meeting different needs such as diverse collection, unified reconciliation, over-the-air splitting, marketing, and compliance regulation. 

Shuke Cloud

Identity Verification

Data Governance

Algorithm model

It covers general capabilities such as basic technology, algorithms, models and data applications, and provides customers with effective and reliable business assurance based on the accumulated practical experience of big data in multiple scenarios. 

Metaverse Application

Numerate Wise Men



Intelligent Twins

With blockchain, alliance chain and NFT technology as the core, independently developed, secure and controllable, in line with national secret standards, NFT management, digital collections, tickets on the chain and other functions are now online. 

The new digital infrastructure is driven by a core cloud platform, creating a leading domestic smart industry solution. 

Build a trusted digital base with blockchain applications and create a technology-integrated, full-scene smart application system. 

Qualification & Honor

Corporate Culture

Development History


Established in 2001 Background: The tourism industry exploded in the new millennium 


Tourism business generates demand for information technology

The founding team took inbound tourism, special tours and MICE as breakthroughs and became one of the top five in the Shenzhen market. The surge in business brought about the demand for information technology, and the long chain of the tourism industry had many links, so outsourced software could not adapt to the business needs, and they began to try to develop their own software.


Transformation from a traditional tourism company to a technology company


Setting up a R&D centre to set sail for digitalisation in the industry

Through organisational restructuring and investment in technology, the company has taken the lead in completing digital transformation in the industry. Retaining part of the traditional travel business, the company steadily transformed itself into a digital service provider for vertical industries. The product closure covers digital solutions for enterprise management, digital solutions for business operations and payment and settlement solutions. 


Insight into cloud services is the industry trend, forward-looking layout of core technology development


Received "National High-tech Enterprise" certification

Core technology deposits and forward-looking technology layout were widely recognized by the industry, and the status of technology enterprise was officially certified. Industry application scenarios continue to expand, product systems and solutions are finely polished, generality and moderate customization complement each other, technology-enabled effects are evident, and industry digitalization and digital intelligence business has become the main business.

Leading the way

The first full-scene cloud service based on alliance chain applications


Selected as a national key "small giant" enterprise with specialization and innovation 

Relying on cloud services and blockchain foresight research, the company is the first to complete the upgrade and transformation from digitalization to digital intelligence and cloudization in its own projects, and the project operation has formed DaaS data lake. Cloud service related business has become the main business.