Project Overview

Project Background

為In order to implement digital China, put into practice the concept of "green water and green mountains are the silver mountain of gold", create a visualization map, and realize the standardization, scientific and informatization of the prevention and control means of the relevant industry, the ecological monitoring and disaster warning management platform was set up according to the video monitoring needs of the administrative district where the nature reserve is located.  

Project plan

Integration of ecological monitoring and Internet of Things through satellite remote sensing, cloud computing, mobile internet, big data and other technologies. Integrated management of the reserve's background resources, forest resources, personnel patrols and IOT monitoring. It can visually view the distribution information of various types of resources, display the division of patrol personnel and historical patrol trajectory in real time, and effectively monitor and manage natural disasters such as forest fires and other emergencies in a timely manner. 

User value

Realise the networking of forest fire prevention video monitoring systems in all districts and counties in the area, forming a provincial-city-county networking management; Realise effective coverage of regional monitoring in this nature reserve, achieving the requirement of all-weather real-time monitoring in the coverage area. 

Core technologies

  • Mounted thermal imaging equipment to patrol and monitor fires as they occur.
  • Mounted throwing equipment to airdrop relevant supplies and fight fires.
  • Mounted lighting equipment to provide emergency lighting.
  • Mounting NB-IOT devices to build self-organising networks
  • Depending on the scenario, different devices can be mounted to achieve different needs. 



  • Development of remote sensing monitoring technology to provide reliable monitoring means for forest fire prevention.
  • Building an emergency communication network for forest fire prevention to provide a
  • strong guarantee for forest fire prevention.
    Asia-Pacific 6D satellite mobile communication service customized with high-throughput satellites to provide monitoring full network access for forest fire prevention monitoring. 



  • Visible light and thermal induction dual channel imaging output, day and night complementary, 24 hour non-stop monitoring.
  • Intelligent detection and identification warning module to improve the accuracy of smoke and fire identification.
  • Visible light lens, thermal imaging lens and the resolution of visible light and thermal imaging can be flexibly matched depending on the monitoring distance.
  • Automatic warning for improved warning response time. 

Construction content

System functions