XX City Smart Bus Cloud Platform

It provides data and decision support to traffic management departments to relieve bus congestion and improve bus right of way, thereby improving the efficiency of bus operations and providing information to guide people in their travels. 

XXXX City Intelligent Public Transport Integrated Management Cloud Platform

Feature 1: Significantly improve the widespread use of public transport information and services

Serving the public

The construction of an integrated information dissemination platform will enable the public to receive swift public transport information and facilitate the arrangement of travel routes, thereby improving the ability to respond to bus congestion and bus incidents, reducing travel incidents and improving efficiency.  

XXXX city full-scene intelligent dispatching cloud platform

Feature 2: Improved operational efficiency of existing bus facilities and information systems at a lower cost 

Services for operations

Enables companies to improve efficiency in daily operations, reduce empty bus miles and safety liability accidents, and improve management and operations.


XX City Smart Bus Management and Operation Supervision Platform

01 Monitoring of bus network operations and submission of monitoring reports
02 Statistical analysis and visualisation of public transport vehicles
03 Data analysis and decision support for public transport development
04 Intelligent alerts and automatic warnings for public transport operations
05 APP client lands to serve public travel