Business Needs

Vehicle Operation Guarantee Business

There is a need to improve the efficiency of vehicle entry and exit management, to achieve business collaboration between vehicle entry and exit and dispatch, to alert vehicles of abnormal behaviour such as illegal parking and speeding, to accurately locate and sense the location of vehicles at the site, to make full use of parking resources and to manage the whole life cycle of vehicles at the site. 

People access management operations

There is a need for fine-grained control of the entire process of personnel at the site, etc.

Emergency management operations

There is a need to form a complete emergency planning and warning system, cross-system linkage and collaboration, rapid response and disposal of incidents.

Energy Management Business


There is a need to automatically collect energy consumption data, to accurately grasp the dynamic energy consumption curve of the equipment, to further assist in analysis and energy saving control and to realise intelligent management of energy consumption. 

Security management operations

There is a need to make full use of video data, identify security hazards in a timely manner and improve the efficiency of security operations. 

Asset management business


There is a need for rapid asset inventory, timely detection of equipment failures and full use of equipment capacity. 

New Energy Management Business

There is a need for real-time control of the use of new energy vehicles and charging piles, timely alerts on abnormal operation, and effective use of charging pile resources. 

Information Distribution Services

There is a need to improve the efficiency of guided parking and reverse car-finding, and to provide effective alerts for speeding, following and anti-collision warnings for vehicles entering and leaving the site. 

Overall Architecture

Through the creation of a closed loop of data fusion, intelligent sensing and business linkage disposal, a community governance platform that integrates government governance, community safety and owner services is built. 

Through "full awareness, full integration, full intelligence", the bus station "all-weather, full process, full coverage" visual management and control, to improve the level of intelligent management and operational efficiency of the station, to improve the effectiveness of enterprise management. 

Infrastructure layer

This includes information awareness, communication connectivity and cloud platform resources. CAD, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Geographic Information System (GIS) and tilt photography technologies are used to collect three-dimensional information from the bus station. The IoT is also used to collect data on the operational status of various objects in the station, and combined with simulation algorithms and business system data, it is transmitted to the intelligent hub layer for data storage and processing through wired, wireless or IoT networks. 

Integrated application layer 

It includes a smart field station management platform and a mobile management platform application. This layer builds the application scenario of the bus smart yard station, realising the sensing of the operation status of the bus yard station, dynamic monitoring, model simulation, fault diagnosis and prediction as well as intelligent auxiliary decision-making. 

Intelligent hub layer 

It includes the digital modelling management of bus station entities, model simulation services, scenario resource interaction interfaces, data platforms and common technologies and applications, support and other functions. The intelligent hub layer holographically maps the physical bus station to the virtual bus station, builds the digital twin of the bus station, and realises the transfer of state-aware data flow and control information flow between the bus station entity and the digital twin. 

Unified entry level

Depending on the actual application needs of the customer, monitoring screens, desktop devices and handheld terminals are generally available. 

Success Case

Smart Communities
Smart Bus
Smart Field Station
Smart Chargers
City Safety Emergency