Business Needs

A-class scenic spot informatization assessment criteria

National Grade 5A Scenic Area Rating Standards

The new version of the Scoring Rules for Tourism Facilities and Service Quality has significantly increased the content related to intelligent tourism.

Only "informationization" + "wisdom" directly corresponds to a score of 81 points. 

Direct score items

Wireless LAN coverage 3 points

Basic database construction 7 points

Video surveillance system 10 points

Visitor flow monitoring system 6 points

Information dissemination channels 5 points

Information Release Content Management 7 points 

Tour guide system 3 points 

Media Platform Release 3 points

E-commerce online booking 10 points

E-commerce offline support 3 points


Total: 81 points 

Indirect score items

Multimedia education system 5 points

Signage system 11 points

Cultural and technological display 5 points

Visitor capacity announcement channel management 5 points 

Visitor capacity control 10 points

Safety promotion methods 2 points

Electronic tickets 2 points

Complaint handling 14 points

Scenic area publicity 3 points

Safety inspection 5 points


Total: 62 points 

Overall Architecture

Create a new development model of scenic economy based on digital economy in the post-epidemic era. Technology empowerment to precisely solve the pain points of all parties in the consumption chain, enhance the consumption experience, and create a benign and credible business ecology with digital payment and transaction settlement links as the linkage.  

Success Case

Regulatory Cloud Platform

Service Government




Micang Mountain National Forest Park
National Nature Reserve of a Forest Ecosystem

Scenic Cloud Platform

Serving scenic spots




Jianmenguan Scenic Area
A mountain scenic area

Video Cloud Platform

Serving visitors




Meigu Dafengding Nature Reserve
Tangjiahe Nature Reserve

E-Commerce Cloud Platform

Transaction Size




A Lake of Flowers Scenic Area
A National Forest Park

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