Business Needs

Real-time monitoring of operational indicators

Dynamic updates to assist in industrial planning, marketing...


Tourism industry data analysis visualization

Visitor flow management, corporate integrity management safety management, environmental management...

Timely monitoring of emergencies

Handling emergency situations, issuing early warning information...



Overall Architecture

Through big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, we systematically provide destinations, governments, scenic spots and tourists with a system of intelligent supervision applications based on the whole process of service and management.

Success Case

Regulatory Cloud Platform

Service Government




Micang Mountain National Forest Park
National Nature Reserve of a Forest Ecosystem

Scenic Cloud Platform

Serving scenic spots




Jianmenguan Scenic Area
A mountain scenic area

Video Cloud Platform

Serving visitors




Meigu Dafengding Nature Reserve
Tangjiahe Nature Reserve

E-Commerce Cloud Platform

Transaction Size




A Lake of Flowers Scenic Area
A National Forest Park

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