Industry pain points

The ecological monitoring industry is facing new challenges in the face of the management needs of "enhancing gas, reducing carbon and strengthening ecology, increasing water and consolidating soil to prevent risks". 

The supply of monitoring services is still inadequate

The depth and breadth of ecological and environmental monitoring network construction, business scope and application of technical means do not match the rapidly expanding management needs.

Refined support for strategic tasks such as collaborative control of air pollution, integrated management of water environment and water resources and ecology, supervision of ecological protection, response to climate change, prevention and control of noise pollution, urban ecological and environmental management, and management of new pollutants is insufficient.

The construction of an ecological and environmental monitoring standard and specification system is lagging behind and does not fit in with the requirements of business development. 


The effectiveness of monitoring reforms still needs to be consolidated

The monitoring and evaluation system covering the whole chain of problem identification, comprehensive analysis, cause tracing, prediction and forecast, and effectiveness assessment needs to be improved and upgraded.

The situation of insufficient regulatory basis, means and regulatory capacity has not yet been fundamentally reversed. Cross-departmental cooperation, resource integration and information sharing are not smooth enough. 






Uneven development of basic capacity

The basic capacity for ecological and environmental monitoring varies greatly between regions, levels and between urban and rural areas. There is a shortage of infrastructure for remote sensing monitoring star-land applications, and there is a lack of unified planning for the information construction of the national monitoring system.

Data barriers have not been substantially broken, and the effective collection of massive monitoring data and the application of intelligent analysis need to be strengthened. 









Direction of development

"One Network" Intelligent Sensing 

An intelligent sensing network is built for the eco-environmental system, where ecological data is collected and translated through various IoT devices and communicated to the management staff in a timely and accurate manner so that the correct response plan can be made.  






"True and accurate "one set of data 

In accordance with industry data standards, a dynamic monitoring system is built to keep abreast of dynamic changes in resources and improve the ability to forecast early warnings and investigate and deal with problems; the acquisition, interpretation and analysis of ecological remote sensing monitoring data and ground verification are strengthened. 


"Integrated intelligent applications 

Based on the integrated monitoring data from the sky and the earth, four intelligent cloud application systems are provided to close the chain of problem identification, comprehensive analysis, cause and traceability, prediction and forecast, and effectiveness evaluation, and to enhance the capacity of ecological and environmental monitoring support, leadership and services.    

"One portal" for smooth and efficient operation

The unified portal mainly includes government services, comprehensive information display, work tasks and business system entrance, providing a unified entrance to services for ecology and environment-related personnel and the public.  






Top-level design

" 1 network wisdom perception + 1 set of data true and accurate + 1 body wisdom application + 1 portal smooth and efficient " The whole process of empowering the wisdom ecology. 

Programme Highlights


Enabling the whole process

Closed-loop coverage fully empowers the entire process of industry regulation, monitoring, emergency response and service. 


Microservice Architecture

Following the principles of high availability, high reliability, high security and scalability, the microservices architecture design pattern is adopted.  


Blockchain Innovation Application

Using blockchain technology to achieve anti-counterfeiting and safe sharing of ecological monitoring data.  


Top resources in the field of satellite

We unite top strategic partners in the field of satellite remote sensing, satellite communication, satellite navigation and other applications.  

Typical scenarios

Ecological monitoring
Disaster Alert
Forest fire prevention