Business requirements

The ecological monitoring industry is facing new challenges in the face of the management needs of "enhancing gas, reducing carbon and strengthening ecology, increasing water, consolidating soil and preventing risks". 

Ecological monitoring is the foundation of ecological protection


Establish and improve a modern ecological and environmental monitoring system, strengthen "monitoring first, monitoring sensitive, monitoring accurate", with higher standards to ensure that monitoring data "true, accurate, complete, fast, new", powerfully support the continuous improvement of ecological and environmental quality and reduce pollution and carbon synergies. 

Eco-environmental monitoring market sees dual policy and demand drivers 

With the continued increase in national attention to ecological and environmental monitoring, the emergence of diversified demand for refined environmental monitoring, and the opportunities for carbon emissions traceability arising from the "double carbon" target, the environmental monitoring market has seen a new round of expansion. 

Planning objectives 

By 2025

The "big monitoring" pattern of government-led, departmental coordination, enterprise responsibility, social participation and public supervision will be more mature and established, the high-quality monitoring network will be more perfect, the monitoring and supervision system of fixed pollution sources with the emission permit system as the core will be basically formed, the monitoring and evaluation system compatible with ecological environmental protection will be improved, the truthfulness, accuracy and comprehensiveness of monitoring data will be effectively ensured, the capacity of integration and application of new technologies will be significantly enhanced, and the modernization of ecological environmental monitoring will achieve new results. The modernization of ecological and environmental monitoring has achieved new results. 

By 2035

A scientific, independent, authoritative and efficient ecological and environmental monitoring system is fully established, the unified ecological and environmental monitoring and assessment system is sound and complete, the ecological and environmental monitoring network has a high-quality and comprehensive layout, and the risk warning capability is significantly enhanced; the modernization of ecological and environmental monitoring that is compatible with ecological civilization is basically realized, and the level of monitoring management and business technology moves into the international advanced ranks, so as to provide strong support for the fundamental improvement of the ecological environment and the basic goal of building a beautiful China. This will provide strong support for the fundamental improvement of the ecological environment and the basic realization of the goal of building a beautiful China. 

Overall Architecture

In accordance with the standard architecture and industry norms, the intelligent ecological infrastructure is built from the "end, edge and cloud" dimensions, and the intelligent interaction of "people, things and objects" completes the evolution from a single space to a three-dimensional space integration, realising the "star - air - earth" integrated monitoring of the intelligent ecology. 

Success Case

Ecological monitoring
Disaster Alert
Forest fire prevention