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Sichuan Province丨Guang Yuan City

Guangyuan has rich tourism resources, with 1 AAAA scenic spot, 21 AAAA scenic spots, 18 AAA scenic spots and 9 AA scenic spots in the city (data as of the end of 2020). In 2016, the Company joined hands with the Guangyuan Municipal People's Government to fully open the construction of smart tourism, with the smart supervision platform, digital scenic spot platform and regional tourism destination operation platform completed and put into operation one after another, bringing a new look to Guangyuan tourism. 

Enhancing digitalization and pulling the number of tourists: the digitalization of the whole industry chain of tourism in Guangyuan City has increased significantly, with the number of 4A-level scenic spots growing from 16 to 19; increasing to 21 in 2020; in 2018, the number of tourists received in Guangyuan City exceeded 50 million for the year. Improving industrial operation capacity and increasing tourism revenue in all aspects: Guangyuan's destination public service platform broke the traditional model of "development over operation" for destinations, continuously innovated the operation mode according to local conditions, and improved industrial operation capacity through the "Huimin Card" and other means. In 2019, the total revenue of Guangyuan's tourism industry will exceed 50 billion yuan, and the proportion of Guangyuan's total tourism revenue to GDP will exceed 50%. Revitalising the regional economy with tourism as a grip, the GDP growth rate was significantly higher than the national level: in 2018, the national GDP growth rate dropped from 6.9% to 6.7%, and Guangyuan City's GDP growth rate grew against the trend, from 8.1% to 8.4%. 

Project Overview

Guangyuan Destination Operation Project is the first domestic destination cloud service benchmark, and has won the award of "Excellent Case of Sichuan Big Data Innovation Practice in 2018" and "Typical Case of Sichuan Cultural Tourism Information Development in 2021". 


9.26 Signing

Guangyuan Municipal People's Government and the company (formerly known as Global Yatou Travel Holdings Group) held a signing ceremony for the "Guangyuan Tourism Destination Integrated Operation Project". The project consists of two online sub-projects: "Regional Tourism Destination Operation Platform" and "Tourism Industry Smart Supervision Platform", and two physical sub-projects: "Guangyuan Smart Tourism Complex " and "Guangyuan tourism three-tier distribution service system". 


Delivery of Phase 1 in March

On the basis of information technology, the first full-scene destination cloud service was launched. The first phase of the project was delivered and the intelligent supervision platform was put into operation. In 2017, the digitalisation of the whole industry chain of tourism in Guangyuan City increased significantly, with the number of 4A-level scenic spots growing from 16 to 19; to 21 in 2020. 


Phase 2 delivery in July

 Phase 2 of the project completed delivery, with the digital scenic spot platform and regional tourism destination operation platform coming into operation. The industry SaaS products were continuously upgraded and iterated, becoming increasingly complete and mature, and the pace of replication accelerated, with an annual service volume of 50 million + visitors and an e-ticket transaction volume of approximately RMB 1 billion. 

The Future

Continuous iteration

The "Smart Travel Chain" and "Smart Travel Cloud" drive the digitalisation process of destinations. On the basis of digitisation, blockchain, big data, AI algorithms and other technologies are integrated to deeply empower "smart tourism".  

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